Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rice Dishes

So our homework for class is making fried chicken (which I messed up the temperature on in class) and a rice dish. I'm looking forward to learning more about rice dishes. I didn't want to focus on the dishes we learned about in class. Instead I'm researching other ethnic rice dishes to try here. i'm hoping I can find a good recipe that is challenging, but easy to prepare (like the dirty rice).

Living in the dorms has it's own set of challenges, so I want to try to make the rice dish two ways. One traditional style using a full kitchen with stove tops. (Still need to look up what day would be good to go to a class and do this)The other I would like to make a "Dorm style" version of the recipe using only what I have for cooking here at the on campus dorms (a microwave and maybe an outdoor grill(?)) the second part probably isn't going to be easy, and may end up with little resemblance to the original dish, however it should be a blast even if I fail.

Something like this provides it's own challenge. Not only will I learn more about the dish from trying two different styles of preparation, but I will also take away knowledge about cooking that I couldn't do with our labs.

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  1. Yosh! go for a tampura fry with fried rice as a bed for the chicken!