Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cooking manga?

Recently I've been given manga titles to look into for cook. Indeed Japan has an entire industry revolving around cooking comics. This particular page is from a comic called: "Addicted to Curry" while it has typical manga plots in there, it does talk a lot about the history and flavor of different curries. It also does recipe theories, trying to make a recipe more from a particular country while trying new ingredient ideas.

One of the new things was it talked about an traditional Indian beef curry. It explained that the population holds the cow sacred and that they wouldn't eat this, but it goes on that other religious denomination do live in India. I thought this was interesting but was left wondering how true it was about cows being sacred animals. The day after reading about how the cow is viewed in India I went to class and was taught the same thing.

It's nice to see the artist really took time to research different recipes and explain them in detail before furthering the story. I'll have to keep my eye out for good recipes from manga now! :D

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