Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Salt Regulations?

According to this article the Institute of Medicine is trying to press the FDA to regulate salt. We are on a very slippery road folks. If we regulate Salt, next will be fat. While I like the idea that the megacorp processing plants will finally start a salt reduction (seriously have you looked at how much salt they throw into this stuff??) I'm a little worried what this kind of regulation means to restaurants. My technicality we do serve processed food. How will this kind of possible regulation effect us in the future? How will it effect large chains of restaurants? Will the regulation be the same from top to bottom? If there are limits what kind of limits will we see?

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  1. Well, there has been talk about regulating both salt and fat type and content for decades (in the case of salt since the mid 70's). I wouldn't worry about "slippery slope" progressively strict regulation. The big food companies' spend way too much in lobbying for that to get through Congress. If anything, such regulation is more in danger of being watered down until it is meaningless by later laws making exceptions for this that and what have you to please various special interests (different type of processing companies).