Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jaime Oliver's food Revolution

So I finally caught the last episode to this series. It's been something that I've held in passing interest. Not because I didn't think the content was important, but because I hardly watch TV and I hate reality shows. However this is kind of an important show to watch. It's Basically Jaime VS a school district in West Virginia (Huntington?). He's trying to reform elementary school cafeterias to be more healthy for the kids going to school. He's trying to wage a one man war against processed foods in school lunches, shifting focus from convenience foods to conventional cooking.

The comical bit about this show is it treats junk brands like cuss words. While you can clearly make out what kinds of foods children are eating. Some of which I remember myself eating in school. I think one of the more shocking elements to the story was the fact that the school is running into a different crisis. The USDA is sending the schools he exact kinds of foods he's been trying to get rid of. The Problem is that processed foods are cheap, which is both unfortunate and a little backwards. The Fresh items should be cheaper then the processed stuff. While I don't believe that the USDA should be treated like the bad guys, I think it's just one small part of a bigger issue.

Here's Hoping Jaime's experiment is a huge success.

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